About bocx

There are a lot of things important in life, and one of them is coming home. A place where you can be yourself and relax in comfort. That feeling of coming home is only possible if you create an interior that suits you. With that feeling in mind we have created Bocx Interiors.

Bocx Interiors stands for luxury and comfort. We have put the collection together in a way that all peaces of furniture fit together. With the upholstered furniture of Bocx Interiors you can combine and create andlessly on any budget.

What we have to offer is not ony from good kwality but is also affordable. We mainly hope that we give you the possibilty to create amazing interiors for you and your customers.

Every year we come with new additions to our collection. A collection that we try to fit within the demands of the ecomemie, ttrends and our customers.

Every Bocx Interiors dealer has a wide rance of fabrics to choice from. All peaces of upholstered furniture are hand crafted by artists who make the best furniture with love and profession.

Every peace of furniture is made with the best materials that will guarantee a life time of comfort. You can recognize a Bocx interiors peace of furniture by its grey label on the right side of the peace of furniture.